Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.
Please inform us if you have any allergies.

Lunch Special

Monday - Friday 12:00 noon - 3:00 pm, Not offer on Holidays

Fresh Seafood

Served with corn and potato
Seasonal price sensitivity mayo impact price change.
Choose Seasoning: Homemade Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Butter or House Special
Extra Seasoning on the side +$1.00 (dine in only)
Choose Spicy Level: Mild, Medium, Hot or Extra Hot
Clams (Lunch) 10.00
Crawfish (Lunch) 10.00
Green Mussel (Lunch) 11.00
Black Mussel (Lunch) 11.00
Shrimp (Head on) (Lunch) 12.00
Shrimp (No Head) (Lunch) 15.00

Fried Basket

Served with Cajun Fries, Regular Fries or Sweet Potato Fries
Choose Sauce: Tartar, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Boomboom, Cocktail or Marinara
Chicken Tender Basket (3) 7.00
Chicken Wing Basket (6)
Choose your flavor: Cajun, BBQ, Buffalo or Lemon Pepper
Fried Shrimp Basket (6) 9.00
Fried Swai Basket (3) 9.00
Fried Tilapia Basket (3) 9.00
Fried Catfish Basket (3) 9.00
Fried Calamari Basket (10) 9.00
Fried Oyster Basket (7) 10.00